Many forms of air distribution.
Allied Technologies has more experience then any other Manufacturers Representative in the State of Kentucky when it comes to Air Distribution. Through Titus we can assist with the following Systems:

Operating Room Systems
Grid systems & Laminar flow
We can design a Traditional Laminar Flow System

However with new technologies & Ashrae
recommendations we will assist in providing a
Laminar Flow/ Air Curtain System which will
prevent entrainment of contaminants outside of the
operating system.

As no operating room allows for an unobstructed
Ceiling Space we will also assist in the design of
a O.R. “Grid System”; which will allow the
incorporation of Lights, Diffusers & Medical
Equipment into a Coordinated Ceiling System;
eliminating Drywall & Trade Conflicts.

Titus offers a revolutionary Auto-Changeover slot
diffuser which will deliver air to an outside wall or
wind in the heating season & then redirect the air
towards the center of the room in the cooling
The EOS. The remarkable design
"Harvests" energy from the available ambient light
to power the changeover mechanism.

We also provide Laboratory Radial Air Distribution
Systems for any Research Facility Requirements.

Unique Architectural Challenges
There are those buildings requiring air distribution
with form as well as functions. Utilizing the Titus
Flowbar we can design Systems which will fit any
architectural design requirements as well as
provide the very best air distribution to a space.

Whatever your air distribution needs through
Allied Technologies 25 years of experience
and Titus’s Industry Leadership we will find a
solution for any building.
traditional laminar flow system
laminar flow air curtain system
Laminar air flow air curtain system side view

O.R. Grid System Design

Laminar Flow / Air Curtain System

Laminar Flow / Air Curtain System (Side View)

operating room grid system design
Laboratory radial air distribution systems

Laboratory Radial Air Distribution Systems

Unique architectural air distribution

Unique Architectural Designs

Traditional Laminar Flow System