Control and measurement of HVAC systems
Control and Measurement of HVAC Systems is a vital part of all building systems. Through our Ruskin partners we provide all components for a complete facility.

One of the most important components of a HVAC
duct system is the life safety dampers. Ruskin is
the Industry Leader in this field; offering the
widest range of fire; fire/smoke and smoke
dampers. All products are tested and Listed to the
most Current UL Standards. As job requirements
change; Ruskin can provide product to keep up
with those changes.

Another major component of HVAC duct systems
would be the control dampers. Ruskin offers a
complete line of dampers including low leak,
crimped blade, air foil, low temperature, steel
& aluminum. These dampers can be furnished
with manual quadrants or any type of electric or
pneumatic actuators.

Ruskin also offers a complete line of Industrial Control Dampers.
Ruskin can provide stand alone stations; dampers with built in air
measuring stations and louvers with air measuring stations.
Anywhere air is moving we can measure it!

Ruskin is also one of the largest louver manufacturers in the world.
We can provide acoustical; adjustable; stationary; hurricane and
wind driven louvers in both steel and aluminum construction with a
wide variety of finishes and colors.

As energy conservation increasingly becomes
important in building design it is vital to be able to
measure the quantities of air moving through a
building Ruskin offers a complete line of air
measuring products.

In an energy conscience world, exhausting
conditioned air is unacceptable. Ruskin offers a

complete line of Energy Recovery Ventilators.
Capable of Recovering conditioned air and
returning it to the space. These units are also
available with Auxiliary Heating & Cooling for
those applications which require recovered air
which is tempered.

We believe Ruskin is an Industry Leader in every
aspect; we are proud to represent their line.

For detailed information Visit our line card and
follow the
link to Ruskin's Home Page.
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